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About model force

We regret to inform you that Model Force '17, held at Sunday, April 30 2017 is to be cancelled: the venue hosting our Model Force event are to be renovated starting next year, which prohibits us from usings these halls.

Because we want to be able to offer a show with the same high standards to our participants and visitors at an alternative location also, we have been unable to find a different venue matching all our criteria. This leads us to conclude there is no other possibility but to cancel Model Force '17..

In the following days we will contact all clubs and traders already registered for participation. Traders who already made the advance payment will be fully refunded.

But not to worry: we may have lost 2017 but we keep on going! So we will be back again in 2018 to present you Model Force '18, to be held on Sunday, April 29 2018. So we strongly advise to mark this date already on your billboard!


Model Force is a FREE scale modelling event and presents you with following activities::

> Exhibition
Apart from Moveleo itself, a large number of national and international model clubs exhibit their master modellers and top models, both on the different club stand and on the contest tables...

> Club stands
Not only Moveleo, but also the other clubs in our 'club country' will exhibit their top modellers on the club stands. Throughout the day several demonstrations will be held at the different stands, showing you the most popular building and finishing techniques being used live...

> Trade fair
An exhibition and some demonstrations are not the only items on our activity list. We have also invited several well known and less known traders. At their trade stand you can find the latest novelties in the modelling sector, but also that dusty old kit you've been looking for all these years...

> Contest

The very best modellers will be going into competition with each other in an attempt to win the best prizes. Still it won't be only the super professionals who will be able to win something in our contest. Thanks to our 3 class system everyone can participate: as starting modeller you can register as a 'novice', if you've been modelling for a while now and you know the more difficult techniques you might want to take your changes as an 'advanced' modeller. For the professional model builders amongst us we have created the 'Master' class...
> Kid's corner
Are you not yet 16 years old? Or your children? Our youngest visitors are given the chance to build a FREE small scale model, with the professional assistance of some of our own club members. Afterwards they can take the model home with them as a souvenir...