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Like always, the model contest is a big part of our modelling event. Modellers from Belgium and far beyond come to show their best models. After the success of last year, this edition will again be divided into 3 separate categories: 'Beginners', 'Advanced' and 'Masters'. We do this to provide the less advanced modellers a fair chance on winning a prize when participating in the contest...
Contest categories
Models come in all sorts and shapes... An overview of our contest categories:
Airplanes & helicopters 1/72 and smaller
V1: Airplanes & helicopters 1/72 and smaller
V2: Airplanes & helicopters 1/48
V3: Airplanes & helicopters 1/32 and bigger
Military vehicles
MV1: Military vehicles smaller than 1/48
MV2: Military vehicles 1/48
MV3: Military vehicles 1/35 or bigger
F1: Figurines all scales, all periods
F2: Bustes, all scales, all periods
F3: Figures in diorama (2 or more figures on a vignette)
F4: Fantasy & Science Fiction figures
Civilian vehicles
BV1: Competition cars and civilian vehicles
BV2: Trucks & heavy engines
BV3: Competition bikes and civilian motorcycles
Other categories
B1: Ships (all scales)
FA: Fantasy & Science Fiction
JU: Juniors (until 16 years)
DIO: Models in diorama
NK: ‘Naked Kit’: fully built model (kit may be built straight from the box or not) but not yet painted
Junior contest
Are you 16 years of age or younger, and have you ever put a model together? Participate for FREE in our junior contest. Like the 'grown ups', you have to register your model before sunday noon. There are several nice prizes for the winners...