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Manual N°1

Ardennes Battlefield Tour
Captions and pictures: Patrick Winnepenninckx

The Ardennes offensive, a desperate attempt to stop the Allied advance, was the last major German offensive in the Second World War. This battle, better known as the Battle of the Bulge, was fought in the Belgian Ardennes and more then 60 years later one can still find traces of it: war cemetaries, monuments and musea. But also a lot of vehicles and guns can be seen. Below you will find an pictural overview of American, English and German tanks and guns that are not displayed in a museum, but are standing by the side of the road or in town squares, as a silent withness of this battle in december 1944.

Hetzer (G-13) (Bastogne)
This vehicle stands at the entrance of the Bastogne Historical Center and is in fact a postwar G-13 of the Swiss army in German colors
LeFH 18/40 (Wiltz)
This howitzer stands together with a PaK 43/8,8 in a field in the Wiltz, Luxemburg.
Pak 40 (Manhay)
There is not much left of this PaK 40. It was found in the mid nineties during construction work in Manhay

Pak 43/8,8 (Hochfels)
Three of these canons can still be found in the Ardennes. This one is in a pretty bad shape and is located near the panoramic view of Hochfels

Pak 43/8,8 (Wiltz)
This canon is in the best shape of the canons of this type that can be seen in the Ardennes
Pak 43/8,8 (Troisvierges)
PaK in the town of Troisvierges, Luxemburg.
Pak 43/41 (Clervaux)
This PaK was restaured and has the wheels of a LeFH 18/40.
Pak 43/41 (Heinerscheid)
Scheuntör at the memorial of Heinerscheid. Next to it is also an M2A1 howitzer.
Panther Ausf G (Grandmenil)
This Panther was destroyed in december 44 on the spot where it rests know.
Panther Ausf G (Houffalize)
Today there are still three Panther tanks in the Ardennes. This Panther Ausfuhrung G belonged to the 116te Windhund Panzer Division.
sFH 18/15 (Clerain)
A heavy piece of German artillery in a bright green color.
sFH 18/15 (Hochfels)
Like the PaK 43/8,8 this piece is also in a bad shape.
sK 18/10,5 (Useldange)
A beautiful restaured 105mm Schwere Kanone 18.
Tiger II ( La Gleize )
Probably the most popular vehicle in the Ardennes. The Kingtiger in La Gleize near the Ardennes 44 museum.
Turret T23 76mm Sherman (Bastogne)
On all the major roads into Bastogne , several Sherman turrets of different types mark the places where the German advance to capture the surrounded city was stopped.
M2A1 How (Niederwampach)
This howitzer recently replaced a SIG 33 that is now on display in the museum of Diekirch.
M2A1 How (Baraque Fraiture)
This US howitzer is located near the exit of the E411 highway.
M3A1 Halftrack (Stavelot)
Nearby the bridge of Stavelot, where in december 1944 heavy fighting took place between US troops and Kampfgruppe Peiper, stands a US halftrack.
M4 (105) Sherman (Bastogne)
105mm howitzer at the Bastogne Historical Center.
M4 Sherman (Wibrin)
A Sherman tank that was saved from the scrapyard at the very last second. Merchands in scrap iron had already begun to cut pieces from the vehicle when the the towns inhabitants interveined. The tank was destroyed in the vicinity of this village.
M4 Sherman (Wiltz)
This Sherman is located in the center of the village of Wiltz .
M4A1 Sherman (Ettelbruck)
The Patton memorial is located in Ettelbruck, this early Sherman with cast hull is part of it.
M4A1 Sherman 76mm (Vielsalm)
A Sherman with a late type 76mm turret to remember the battle of Vielsalm and the 7th US Armored division.
M4A3 Sherman 76mm (Beffe)
This Sherman stood till the mid eighties in the very field where it was destroyed. Nowadays it stands in the town square of Beffe.
M4A3 Sherman 76mm (Clervaux)
Sherman with attachment points for camouflage at the museum of Clervaux .
M10 Achilles ( La Roche )
M-10 Achilles in English colors.
M10 TD (Bastogne)
M-10 tank destroyer at the entrance of the Bastogne Historical Center.
M26 Pershing ( La Roche )
A postwar Pershing tank. This tank was recently replaced by a M4A1 Sherman.